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Pangoo was founded in 1993. Our Probiotics solutions are broadly used in Livestock&Poultry, Agriculture, Pets, and Aquaculture. Pangoo aims to meet the market demand of probiotics as traditional solutions can no more fill the bill. We have the latest generation of facilities among Chinese manufacturers of probiotics. With 200 employees, including 30 high-skilled professionals and 8 engineers in R&D department. The quality of our products meets ISO9001 standards. With more than 10 years’ experience in export business, our sales team promises to fully understand your requests and deal with the projects immediately and professionally.

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Our animal nutrition products have passed the CE, SGS, and other approval, and we have 12 years of experience in making animal nutrition. Our products are eco-friendly, and they use the most advanced technology to produce.

ultra low temperature refrigerator
Ultra low temperature refrigerator
biological safety cabinet
Biological safety cabinet
high performance liquid chromatograph
High performance liquid chromatograph
high speed centrifuge
High speed centrifuge
Fully automated analyzer
atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
chemiluminescence imaging system
Chemiluminescence imaging system
Anaerobic incubator
Anaerobic incubator

Best Price

We rely on our own factories, reducing the middlemen and costs to provide customers with higher-value products

Multiple Packaging

We have 10 kinds of packaging for your choice

Flexible Transportation

You can choose to transport by air, by automobiles, or by sea. If you have better ways, we ‘ll do our best to make each process smooth

Fast Delivery

Stock goods take 3 days and custom-made goods take 3-7 days.



I own a small trading company here in Ecuador selling plant nutrition and animal nutrition products. I don’t believe in Chinese suppliers until Pangoo because I had very bad experience buying from China 10 years ago. you get good quality products for sample but bad ones for bulk order. But last year I get to know Pangoo by chance when I was visiting China. This changes my view of Chinese supplier completely. I went to their factory and confirm this is where quality products are made from! good quality, fast delivery and excellent service. Pangoo has never let us down in any way!

René Asipuela, Company Owner

In Russia, Pangoo’s products are very popular. Let us be more competitive than our peers.We have co-operated with pangoo for a long time since 2015 years,their products and servies are both much more than expected.

Olga Vasileva, Purchasing Manager

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