Misunderstanding for nitrifying bacteria about decomposition of fences

Post by Pangoogroup on October 22, 2017

Recently, I find so many fish friends attach great importance to nitrifying bacteria.
However, they have a misunderstanding of nitrifying bacteria.
Some people think nitrifying bacteria can decompose feces.
However, This idea is incorrect.
So what are nitrifying bacteria?

  • Nitrifying bacteria is usually called A bacteria.

  • Nitrifying bacteria contains nitrosation bacteria and denitrifying bacteria.

  • Nitrifying bacteria is an oxygen-liking Bacteria and can live in aerobic water and sand.

  • Nitrifying bacteria play¬†an important role in the quality purification process of nitrogen cycle water.

  • Nitrifying bacteria are autotrophic bacteria.

  • The best suitable water environment for nitrifying bacteria is the weak base.

  • It can breed fast at the temperature of 25.c

Now I would like to talk about the decomposition of fences
This heavy physical labor is beyond the ability of nitrifying bacteria done, it is finished by other water purification bacteria.
In water ecosystem circulation system, if no other heterotrophic bacteria, the water will be filled with undecomposed organic matter.
The fish can't live in such water.
As a result, they are often viewed as the vanguard of water self-purification, its importance is not less than nitrifying bacteria.
These bacterias are widespread in the different environment, they are almost everywhere, and the propagation speed is quite amazing.
Under an ideal environment for just a few seconds to proliferation takes only 20 minutes to proliferation one times.
I hope the above information can help you to know about nitrifying bacteria Better!

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