Probiotics Benefits For Livestocks

Post by Pangoogroup on July 22, 2016

Currently, the extensive use of antibiotics and the drawbacks of synthetic drugs has caused serious ecological and socio-economic issue.

First of all, long-term using of antibiotics as feed additives results in serious antibiotic residues in animal products and the environment. This has brought serious harm for the stability in animal breeding units production order and stability and human health.

Secondly, extensive use of antibiotics has led to bacteria resistant to the normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract of animals and decreased immunity with in the livestock-borne infection and superinfection and integrated onset, etc. The animal breeding ecological environment has been the greatly. Negative impact.

Thirdly, the abuse of antibiotics and other drugs lead to animal feed utilization and immune function decline.Besides the cost of inputs in animals and animal feed are increased. Drug residue limits the export of animal products.

Fourthly, the decline in the quality of animal products, vicious competition among enterprises, the risk of other diseases, animal breeding production profit margins are getting smaller and smaller and eventually these problems seriously affect the economic benefits of aquaculture.

A growing interest is evident in the use of probiotics in livestock feed supplements as a replacement for subtherapeutic levels of antibiotics in animal rations.

Probiotics as a safe and effective new feed additive, not only can avoid hidden problems to animals and their products safety .probiotics can also improve animal health and animal product quality and increase the economic benefits of animal breeding production.

It is an effective way which can promote animal husbandry industry healthy for sustainable development.

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