Bacillus Cereus

Bacillus Cereus



For compost and feeding for all animals, like poultry, livestock, aquatic animals and special kinds of animals and etc.

Viable count & Other analysis 

Viable count ≥  1010 CFU/g
Fineness:  60-80 mesh screen
Moisture: 10 Max

Main Ingredients

Bacillus cereus, Ferment metabolites.


Light yellow powder

Biological feature

Bacillus Cereus is one kind of bacillus. The cell of bacterium is rod-shaped, square at ends, look like short chain or long chain, 1.0-1.2um×3.0-5.0um. It can generate spore, the spore is round or column, at center or near center, 1.0-1.5um, and the sporocyst is not obviously expand. They are gram positive, without capsule, moving. The bacteria colony is big, rough surface, flat, disorder. They are facultative aerobic. The living temperature is between 20 to 45°C. They can grow slowly or do not grow under 10°C. They exist in many places like soil, water, air and intestinal tracts of animals.


To anaerobically culture them in glucose bouillon culture medium generating acid, in arabinose, mannitol, xylose not generating acid, decompose carbohydrate not generating gas. Most of bacteria restore nitrate, they do not grow in 50°C, and heat for 20 minutes in 100°C can destroy them.

Main function

For feed addition: the product can help the beneficial bacteria, inhibit the harmful bacteria, adjust the gastrointestinal function, activate the immune system of the body, reduce the toxic and side effect of antibiotic.

For compost: it can promote the organic material mineralization and humification during the process of compost. The nutrient can be changed from invalid state and slow state to valid state and quick state, can generate various specially effective metabolites like the active substance of saccharifying enzymes, protease, amylase, lipase, glucose, amino acid, vitamin group, auxin and etc., and nitrogen, phosphorus, kalium, microingredient.

Bacillus Cereus can promote the growth of crops, enhance the ability to resist diseases, drought and cold, can increase the nutrient of medium soil, lift the activity of microorganisms in soil, increase the output of crops, lift the quality, and reduce the cost. If add Bacillus Cereus into the feces of poultry and livestock, sludge, domestic rubbish and etc., Bacillus Cereus can rise the temperature quickly, deodorize, dehydrate in normal temperature, it can remove the bad smell of the feces of poultry and livestock within about 5 to 7 days, reduce the smell of the ferment materials during natural composting, improve the environment. It only spends 10 days to ferment to fertilizer. It can warm up and ferment normally in the temperature of over minus 10°C, change the things to organic fertilizer quickly.


1000 g×20 bags / Carton


Kept in cool place under normal temperature. 2 years guaranteed in well sealed condition.


Seal after using. Avoid sun exposure. Use constantly after opening.