PRO/A16 Yeast ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae)



For poultry & livestocks, for compost, for rotifera culturing, water adjustment.

Viable count & Other analysis 

Viable count ≥  2×1010 CFU/g
Fineness:  100-200 mesh screen
Moisture: 10 Max

Main Ingredients

Saccharomycetes, Ferment metabolites.


Light yellow powder.

Biological feature

Yeast are unicellular eukaryotic microorganisms, generally the forms are sphere, egg, sausage, oval, lemon, lotus or etc, having a strict aerobic life or facultative aerobic life. Single cell of yeast is much bigger than one of bacterium, generally is 1-5um or 5-20um. The yeast have not flagella, cannot swim. They have a typical eukaryotic cell structure, have cell wall, cell film, cell nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondrims and etc.


The feed yeast is generally made of candida or kluyveromyces fragilis by culturing, drying then to be powder or granular product. It has rich protein, vitamin group B, amino acid and etc., and widely used as animals feed and protein supplements. The yeast has rich various amino acids, poly peptide, flavor nucleotides.

Main function

Probiotic Yeast promote the growth and development of poultry, livestocks and aquatic animals, shorten culturing period, increase the amount of meat and eggs, improve the quality of meat and increase the percent of lean meat, improve the glossiness of furs, and enhance their disease resistance.


1000 g×20 bags / Carton


Kept in cool place under normal temperature. 2 years guaranteed in well sealed condition.


Seal after using. Avoid sun exposure. Use constantly after opening.