• PET-BK Antibody Suppliement

PET-BK Antibody Suppliement

Model No.: PET-BK 
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Proved effects

   * Fresh breath: metabolites in a variety of enzymes to help digestion and absorption of food, enhance gastric motility, improve microcirculation, strengthen liver and kidney function, promote toxins discharge.
    * Regulating intestinal: metabolic produce a variety of enzymes to promote food conversion, improve gastric motility, enhance bowel movements, promote vitamins, minerals, trace elements in the absorption, restore gastrointestinal motility, repair bacteria finishing intestinal.
    * Make fur bright : to promote the decomposition of protein and amino acid absorption, anti-stress, anti-aging, improve cell metabolism.
    * Make bones Healthy: generate MK4 and MK7 to promote calcium absorption, stimulate mesenteric lymph nodes, improve immunity, promote bone development, help bone growth and shape.
    * Balance nutrition: to produce digestive enzymes to help digestion and absorption, rectification of the intestine, restore gastrointestinal function; produce vitamins to promote the absorption of calcium, making nutrition more balanced.

This product is milky white powder, a slight caking is a normal phenomenon.
Main Ingredient

Bacillus subtilis, Corynebacterium lactis and its metabolites and vectors
Viable count

5×108  CFU/g
Usage and Dosage

    * For young dogs and cats, 1 bag per day;
    * For the dogs and cats above 9 months, 1 bag per day;
    * For the dogs and cats under 10kgs, 1 bag per day;
    * Above 10kgs, 2 bags per day.
    * For elder cats and dogs, 1 bags per day, using it constantly;
    * For large dogs, 3 bags per day.
    * Constant using, the effect will be better.

45g/box (1.5g/bag*30bags)

Kept in cool place under normal temperature.The guaranteed period: 18 months.

This product is a nutritional supplement, can supplement the lack of nutrition in the diet to prevent nutritional deficiencies caused by various diseases.
This product does not contain antibiotics, long-term use does not produce drug resistance, without any drug residues.
Long-term use of this product is better, the stress period can be doubled.