• PET-F Health Skin & Fur

PET-F Health Skin & Fur

Model No.: PET-F
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Proved effects

Cure: Cure skin symptoms caused by fungal infections, such as skin itching, hair removal, scales, crusts, rash erythema and so on.
Natural: non-toxic side effects, pregnant and lactational pets can be used.
Prebiotics: This product is rich in organic small molecules, can quickly reduce the dog skin surface PH value, inhibit the growth of pathogens, and with high efficiency probiotics, can effectively restore the skin surface microenvironment; Rich in skin and mucous membrane repair factor, can effectively get rid of scab, to promote the wound healing of dogs and cats, to promote the growth of fur.
Long lasting effect: the effectiveness of sustainable 1-3 months, after the rain and bath can still maintain a certain effect.
Anti-stress: due to environmental stress, transport stress changes before and after the use of this product, can effectively alleviate the dogs and cats due to stress and derived from a variety of adverse reactions.


  • This product is suitable for pet dogs, cat gastrointestinal disorders caused by diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, loss of appetite, plot food;
  • For general diarrhea, acute enteritis have relieve;
  • For antibiotic treatment after intestinal flora recovery;
  • For adult canine surgery, vaccination and other stress response caused by decreased immune function and frail and so on;
  • And for stool stench, as a deodorant, optimize the ecological environment and reduce environmental pollution.

Main Ingredient

Lactobacillus plantarum, pentoses and its useful metabolites, water and so on.
Viable count & Other analysis 

Lactic acid bacteria ≥ 1×108 CFU/ml

Brown liquid, taste slightly fragrant
Usage and Dosage

Using Method
Topical, vertical hold the bottle, at the distance from the hair 10-20cm at the opposite hair spray, so that the skin of the affected area soaked, gently massage the pet after the body, so that the liquid covered with skin and hair. Coat no need to rinse, naturally dry, pet licking hair may wish. It is recommended to divide the pet into six parts. Are: left limb, right limb, back, tail and buttocks, abdomen, head and neck.
Usage and Dosage

Small area: spray use, the affected area of contaminants, scab cleared, directly sprayed on the skin, use 2 times a day, depending on the size of the affected area spray 3-5; continuous use 7-10 days.
Large area: by 1:50 dose watered, dog, cat body soak for 10 minutes (recommended first with shampoo or water to the dog, the cat and then use the ba