PET-G Gastric Power

Model No.: PET-G 
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Proved effects

  • Remove stagnated food by using stamachics: Lactobacillus, Yeast and Vitamin can promote secretion of gastric acid and protease, improve stomach functions of pets. The cultivation of Bacillus subtilis produces a large number of amylase and protease, promote digestion and absorption, reduce the burden on the stomach.
  • To activate the gastrointestinal mucosa and antiemetic immune, produce secretory immunoglobulin sIgA to improve the protective immune stimulation of B cells. Repair damaged mucosa, inhibit the eradication of Helicobacter pylori and other pathogenic microorganisms in the stomach, quickly adjust the balance of gastrointestinal flora, ease the regulation of a variety of acute and chronic gastritis.
  • Qingchang deodorant: compound probiotics by competitive position, antagonism, mucosal immune suppression of gastrointestinal spoilage bacteria proliferation to reduce spoilage bacteria toxin and its metabolites production. Clear gastrointestinal toxins to prevent self poisoning. Reduce fecal odor, purify the environment. While effectively reducing bad breath.


  • This product is suitable for pet dogs, cats gastrointestinal disorders caused by diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, loss of appetite, plot food;
  • Bacterial or viral diseases caused by acute and chronic enteritis, gastritis; antibiotic treatment of intestinal flora recovery;
  • Puppies from the late, adult canine surgery, vaccination and other stress response caused by decreased immune function;
  • For stool stench;
  • And for frail.

Main Ingredient

Salivary lactobacillus, lactic acid bacteria, LP PP, Bacillus subtilis N9-1-35, Bacillus licheniformis B7348, Bifidobacterium adolescentis, yeast, protease, amylase, cellulase, plant extracts, vitamins, taurine (A/C/E/VB1/VB2/VB6)
Viable count & Other analysis 

Lactobacillus ≥ 4×108 CFU/g
Bifidobacterium ≥ 1×108 CFU/g
Bacillus subtilis ≥ 2×108 CFU/g
Usage and Dosage

For treatment:
Once per day.  5 days as a course of treatment.
For the pets under 2kgs, half bag once
For the pets between 2kgs-10kgs, one bag once
For the pets above 10kgs, two bags once
Or use according to the tips of pet doctor.
For health promoting: 
Twice per week.
Feed to the pets separately or dissolve it in the water under 40℃ of 20-50 ml.
Or, mixing in the feeding food.

1.5g*5bags (small package)
1.5g*10bags(big package)

Kept in cool place, normal temperature.
18 months under normal temperature.