• FA-95 Aflatoxin binder

FA-95 Aflatoxin binder

Model No.: FA95
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The best solution for aflatoxin in feed, PANGOO Aflatoxin binder!
Effectively rid of aflatoxin in feed 95% min!
An unique formulation for Aflatoxin in Feed, which is a perfect combination of the physical adsorption and biological adsorption
bsolutely protected feed from mycotoxin risk.
Increase feed nutrition
Powerful endotoxin protection|
An extended feed storage period
Perfect combination of the physical adsorption and biological adsorption;
Play an role for Mycotoxins within an hour;
No adsorption for Vitamins and Trace elements.

Main Ingredient

– Active lactic acid bacteria|
– Polysaccharide and its metabolites
– Hydrated aluminum silicate

Viable count & Other analysis 

3×108 CFU/g

Product Feature

Biological adsorption

This product not only can effectively inhibit the growth of mold, reduce the mycotoxin production, also can degrade some mycotoxins, detoxification effects. Polysaccharide of lactic acid bacteria cells (such as peptidoglycan) group branch with mycotoxins, formed mycotoxin peptidoglycan compound, eduction body outside, play the role of detoxification.

Physical adsorption

Aluminum silicate hydrate, with a layer of grain structure and heterogeneity charge distribution, for viruses, bacteria and toxins in the digestive tract, gas and other strong fixation, inhibition, lose its pathogenicity. In addition to the digestive tract mucosa has a strong protection, repair, and also improve the defence function of the mucosal barrier attack, balancing normal flora and relieve diarrhea, improve immune.

Usage and Dosage

For preventing, the best daily amount of broiler is 0.1%;
In the case of mild feed mildew can add 0.2% for adsorption;
For broilers, 0.3% PANGOO Aflatoxin binder is the best dosage for adsorption of mycotoxins from contaminated feed;
For laying hens, 0.2% PANGOO Aflatoxin binder is the best dosage for improving laying rate.


1000 g×20 bags / Carton


Kept in cool place under normal temperature. 18 months guaranteed in well sealed condition.


Long time using, not resistant, no drug residues.
This product can be granulated in 85 ℃ high temperature.
It does not affect the normal epidemic prevention and disinfection process.
Seal after using. Avoid sun exposure. Use constantly after opening.