• FA2 NSP Enzyme Plus

FA2 NSP Enzyme Plus

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FA2 NSP Enzyme Plus 

Product Code 


Product name

NSP Enzyme Plus
Other name / Key Benifits
PANGOO NSP Enzyme Plus is specialized for feed mills, premix feed mills, big farms, which made by probiotic enzymes and complex cellulase, xylanase, NSP enzyme.

E-probiotics (Probiotic Enzyme)
Improve immunity;
Enhance the body’s immune system;
Promote the immune response;
Reduce the incidence of respiratory;
Gastrointestinal diseases.

NSP enzyme + E-probiotics (Probiotic Enzyme)
Improve the utilization of nutrients;
Reduce the material / meat (meat);
Improve protein, energy, trace elements such as the utilization rate;
Improve livestock production performance and improve farming efficiency.

For all Poultry & Livestock 
Main Ingredient

Cellulase 10000 u/g,
Protease 9000 u/g or higher,
Xylanase 3 million u/g,
Amylase 75000 u/g,
Pectinase 100000 u/g,
Mannase 25000 u/g.
And Bacillus subtilis, Lichen bacillus coli, Lactic acid bacteria, Yeast, Clostridium butyric acid. 
Viable count & Other analysis 
 1×109 CFU/g 
Proved effects

    * Reduce the incidence of diarrhea;
    * Avoid declining in feed intake of livestock in  the high temperature season;
    * Poultry weight gain;
    * Avoid poultry slow growth;
    * Avoid paralyzed chicken problem and soft eggs of laying hens;
    * Extend the peak egg production;
    * Reduce toxic gases in the farms;
    * Prevent stress-induced respiratory diseases;
    * Enhance immunity;
    * Improve vaccine titer;
    * Effectively reduce diseases ratio.
Usage and Dosage 

0.2-0.3‰ of the feed


1000 g×20 bags / Carton 

Kept in cool place under normal temperature. 2 years guaranteed in well sealed condition.
Seal after using. Avoid sun exposure. Use constantly after opening.