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Model No.: PET-D 
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Product name

PANGOO Probiotics for Dogs
Other name / Key Benefits

Natural Health target for dogs!
If your dog has diarrhea, PANGOO Probiotics For Dogs is a highly recommended dog diarrhea treatment.
The product is very easy to use – just sprinkle the recommended serving amount over your dog`s food at feeding time. Since the product has no taste, your dog ingests it without hesitation or discomfort.
Dog diarrhea is a very serious condition. PANGOO Probiotics For Dogs is a guaranteed diarrhea treatment that will relieve the unpleasantness and create a healthier and happier pet.

Specialized for Dogs
Main Ingredient

Lactobacillus groups, yeast groups, and Bacillus subtilis natto groups as the principal components, supplemented with other probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins…
Viable count & Other analysis 

2×109 CFU/g
Proved effects on

– Dog diarrhea treatment;
– Greatly reduces painful stomach and intestinal gas buildup.
– Suppresses skin rashes caused by allergies.
– Promotes an overall enhancement in skin and hair quality.
– Boosts immune system function;
– Avoids infections.
– A noticeable improvement a vitality.
Usage and Dosage

For daily keeping health 1-2% PANGOO Probiotics For Dogs of the food.
Suggested Detailed Usage For Dogs
Small Dogs (up to 15 lbs)
Maintenance/wellbeing dose: 1 gram daily (1/2 scoop Therapeutic dose: 2 grams daily (1 scoop)
Medium dogs (15 lbs – 39 lbs)
Maintenance/wellbeing dose: 2 grams daily (1 scoop)
Therapeutic dose: 4 grams daily (2 scoops)
Large breed dogs (40 lbs – 89 lbs)
Maintenance/wellbeing dose: 3 grams daily (1 1/2 scoops) daily
Therapeutic dose: 6 grams daily (3 scoops) daily
Giant breed dogs (90+ lbs)
Maintenance/wellbeing dose: 4 grams daily (2 scoops)
Therapeutic dose: 9 grams daily (4 1/2 scoops)
Suggested Use For Cats
Maintenance/wellbeing dose: 1 grams daily (1/2 scoop)
Therapeutic dose: 2 grams daily (1 scoop)


Kept in cool place under normal temperature. 18 months guaranteed in well sealed condition.

Seal after using. Avoid sun exposure. Use constantly after opening.

Model No.: PET-D                                                                                       Productivity: 40000 tons / Year Packaging: 500g * 40 bags/ Carton; 1000g*20bags/Carton          Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air Brand: PANGOO                                                                                       Place of Origin: Hebei of China Supply Ability: 10000 MTs / Year Certificate: ISO 9001:2008; Certificate of Food safety Management System Certification