Super Butafos


Each ml contains

Butafosfan                      100mg

Vitamin B12                  0.05mg

Pack Size:

100ml & 500ml

Super Butafos is indicated for the treatment of metabolic disorders of various etiologies in poultry, farm animals and pets. Super Butafos acts as stimulating and strengthening supplement (in case of postpartum paresis, paralysis, hypotrophy, convalescence), increases non-specific resistance to diseases caused by adverse environment.

Super Butafos possess tonic properties, improves metabolic and regenerative processes and resistance to diseases caused by adverse environmental conditions, normalizes protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolisms, stimulates growth and development of young animals.

Butafosfan is an organic phosphorus compound, which influences many assimilation processes in the body. It takes part in glycogen metabolism, replenishes serum phosphorus levels, supports liver function, stimulates fatigued smooth and cardiac muscle, ADP/ATP energy cycle, bone tissue formation, normalizes the level of cortisol in the blood, stimulates the synthesis of protein, accelerating the growth and development of the animal, as well as the reparative properties of organs and tissues. Its physiological rather than its pharmacological action accounts for its very low level of toxicity.

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) stimulates hematopoiesis. It is involved in creatine (energy source for muscle) and acetylcholine (neurotransmitter) biosynthesis, stimulates fat metabolism and carbonic acids conversion, feed conversion rate and methionine biosynthesis.

Doses and administration:

For oral administration via drinking water for 4-5 days:


Dose (per liter of drinking water)

Cattle,Buffaloes & Horse


Foal & Calf

3.0- 7.5mL

Sheep & Goat

2.0- 4.0mL


0.5- 3.0mL


0.5- 2.0mL


0.4- 1.0mL

Oral administration depending on animal condition and body weight.


No contra-indications have been identified for this product or any of its constituents.

Withdrawal times:

–  For meat:      0 days.

–  For milk:      0 days.


Manufactured by: Shijiazhuang Jinyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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