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Pangoo probiotics for water POLLUTION treatment

  • No side effects 
  • Water ecological balance 
  • Effective for long time 
  • Good choose for instead of Chemical product 
  • Making crystal-clear waters 

Main Functions

  • Inhibit the growth of putrefactive bacteria and breeding of pathogenic microorganism, reduce the production of methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and improve water quality.
  • Rapidly degrade a various carbohydrates, organic matter in sewage, the suspended granule and complex matter at the bottom of silt, and convert them into molecules which are used by different microbial metabolism.
  • Reduce the COD, BOD and TSS level effectively, and clean the water bodies.
  • Reduce or eliminate the water bubble caused by undecomposed fatty acids, eliminate sewage odor, reduce air pollution, and decrease the mosquitoes and flies.
    Decompose protein, starch, fat, edible oil, xylan, cellulose.

Main Ingredient

Bacillus subtilis, bacillus licheniformis, photosynthetic bacteria, actinomyces , saccharomycetes , bacillus polymyxa, variousenzymes, the living bacterium total content≥ 10×109 CFU/g

Pale yellow powder. 
Usage and Dosage

Usage: Directly splash evenly after soaking this product for 4-5 hours with same quantity sugar (brown or white sugar are all ok) and 10 times water.
Dosage: Using 1000-5000g /Mu/Meter Water Depth, Every 7 days once.l(1 Acre= 6.07 Mu)
Range of application

Suitable for lakes, rivers, life sewage, public area sewage, industrial waste water, sewage treatment plant and other sewage treatment.