• Nitrifying bacteria

W3  Nitrifying Bacteria

Model No.: W3
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Quality index

Viable count ≥ 8×109 CFU/g – 10×109 CFU/g
The particle size    pass 60 to 100 mesh sieve
The moisture content    Less than or equal to 10 percent
Main Ingredient

Nitrifying bacteria, ferment metabolites.

Light yellow powder.
Main functions

This product can change ammonia and nitrite in soil and water to nitrate, reduce the lost of nitrogen fertilizer in soil, decrease the pollution to environment, get rid of the danger of nitrite in water.
Range of application

For aquacultue,water adjusting, bottom sediment improving, sewage treatment.    
Biological feature

Nitrifying bacteria are a kind of aerobic bacteria, including nitrosobacteria, nitrifying bacteria. They live in aerobic water or sand, playing an important role during the process of nitrogen circulating water purifying. The most suitable place for nitrifying bacteria to live is water, they grow and reproduce most quickly when the temperature arrives at about 25°C.

Nitrosobacteria oxidize ammonia to nitrite, then oxidize nitrite to nitrate by nitrifying bacteria. The ammonia and ammonium in soil can be changed to nitrate necessarily under the combined function of the above two kinds of bacteria, to increase usable nitrogen nutrition.