• Sewage Odour Killer

W2 Sewage Odour Killer

Model No.: W2
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This product is a new generation sewage treatment special bacteria, its strains are refined from high quality strains which is generated through directional induced breeding, purification and rejuvenation, manufactured by domestic unique fermentation equipment manufacturing. This strains are high purity, strong fertility, good compound properties, long shelf-life and with rich metabolic product, and has the features of safety, green, environmental protection, less sing amoun etc.
Main Ingredient

Bacillus subtilis, nitrifying bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, actinomyces,  bacillus polymyxa, aspergillus, other active enzymes
Viable count ≥ 6×109 CFU/g
Main functions

  • Reduce the COD, BOD and TSS level effectively, and clean the water bodies.
  • Promote degradation of the organic pollution, quicken the recovery of the system disturbance.
  • Eliminate the odor, inhabit the harmful bacteria from growing, reduce the bad odor in the waste water treatment
  • Recycle the resource and decrease the environment pollution


Lakes, rivers, life sewage, public area sewage, industrial wastewater, sewage treatment plant and other sewage treatment
Usage and Dosage

Usage: Directly splash evenly
Dosage: Using 3kgs-4kgs/1 Acre *Meter Water Depth, Every 10 days once.
Remarks: Increase or reduce the dosage according to specific situation of varying degrees of water pollution. 

Avoid using bacteriacide at the same time. 

Keep in a cool and dry place away from light
Shelf life

18 Months.