Bio-organic Fertilizer

Bio-organic Fertilizer

Effective viable bacteria:5×109 CFU/g
  • More safety
  • Improve soil improvement and remediation capability.
  • Reduce the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.
  • Improve plant stress resistance and growth ability, complete seeding emergence, robust plants and low incidence of disease.
Bio-organic Fertilizer


1. The compound organic matter is more balanced, which is conducive to the rapid recovery of soil organic matter and the formation of soil aggregates.
2. It is rich in cellulose, enhances soil skeleton strength, improves soil permeability and loosen soil.
3. The combination of macromolecules and small molecules can provide an appropriate habitat environment for soil microorganisms and improve the vitality of soil organisms.
4. Reduce the occurrence of bacteria, fungi, nematodes and other soil-borne diseases.


Turn deep after sowing, then to row or directly spread



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