PGPB 555 Rooting Powder

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PGPB 555

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For all kinds of crops such as fruits, vegetables.

Main Ingredient

Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus licheniformis

Trichoderma harzii

Aspergillus oryzae

And other complex bacillus

And fungus spore ≥10^10 CFU/g

Guaranteed Nutrients Value

Humic acid≥8%
Viable count≥10^10 CFU/g


Rooting and disease prevention

This product and rapidly increase the microbial content in the soil, to forming a beneficial microbial protective barrier around the root system. So that to rapidly inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful pathogens to reduce the occurrence of diseases. Especially  anti to dead seedlings, dead trees, and rotten roots caused by continuous cropping and soil-borne diseases obviously.

Prompt growth (Quick-acting, long-lasting, rooting)

This product can Activate the fixed nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil,  accelerate the dissolution and release of various trace elements to enhance soil vitality, prevent compaction, and accelerate the degradation of organic matter in the soil, Improve fertilizer utilization.

Meanwhile, quickly remove all kinds of element deficiency disease such as dead seedlings, weak seedlings, seedlings and yellow leaves.

Reduce salt damage and inhibit nematodes

this product accelerates the decomposition of soil organic matter by secreting cellulase and protease,  prevents soil salinization, effectively inhibits nematodes adults and eggs.

It can be used for early prevention and later root repair of nematodes, and reduce secondary damage of nematodes.

Usage and Dosage


Flush irrigation (Dissolve in water to use)

Note: If a small amount of precipitate is the medium carrier component, it can be used after filtered or precipitated.



To use in the first irrigation from the plant colonization, and again after 7 days. (Using twice for each crops )


5 KG /Bag, and 4 bags/ Carton


This product is a microbial product, don’t use it with fungicide products.

If need more concentration or dosage using, please consult a professional technician according to crop situation.

Store in a cool dry place and out of reach of children.

Shelf life

2 Years

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