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PGPB 08 Plant Photosynthesis Plus increase your horticultural yield!

Model No.: PGPB 08
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Product Code 

 PGPB 08 

Product name

Plant Photosynthesis Plus
Other name / Key Benefits

Photosynthetic bacteria
This product can be applied in both soil and soil-less substrates.
You will increase your horticultural yield! 
This product works with the natural plant photosynthesis and biological functions and facilitate plants ability to capture and utilize radiant energy more efficiently. 
PANGOO Plant Photosynthesis Plus also speeds uptake and distribution of essential macro- and micro- nutrients required for all plant metabolic functions and growth. 
Use this product and see healthy plants!


Natural Fertilizer, Soil conditioner, Soil amendment, Plant Improver, Natural pesticide… for Lawn, Gardening, Crop, Vegetable…..
Main Ingredient

Photosynthetic bacteria, ferment metabolites

1. Plant Photosynthesis Plus use light as their energy, they can use the natural organisms, sulfide, ammonia and etc as the hydrogen supplying microorganism and carbon source to do photosynthesis under anaerobic light condition or the aerobic dark condition;
2. The protein content in the cell dry matter of Plant Photosynthesis Plus is over 60 percent;
3. And protein and amino acid is relatively complete;
4. Various vitamins in the cells, especially vitamin group B, B2, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin;
5. Meanwhile, they have plenty of physiological activators like carotenoid, coenzyme Q and etc.
Viable count & Other analysis 

Viable count ≥ 10×109 CFU/g; 20×109 CFU/g
The fineness of the product (mesh):60-100% pass 80mesh sieve
The Precent of moisture:10% max

Process of Photosynthesis

Plants, certain protists and photosynthetic bacteria have photosynthetic activities. They make their own food. This makes them Autotrophs(self-feeders) or Producers (produce their own food).
Plant Photosynthesis is the process by which light energy is converted to chemical bond energy and carbon is fixed into organic compounds…

Plant photosynthesis involves the uptake of carbon dioxide and water (both low energy compounds). Light energy is the energy source, which drives the process. Products are glucose (a sugar; stored chemical energy), oxygen gas and water. Photosynthesis is the primary energy-storing process on thich almost all life, both plant and animal depends.
Usage and Dosage 

Watering with this product 1-1.5g / square meter

1000 g×20 bags / Carton

Kept in cool place under normal temperature. 2 years guaranteed in well sealed condition.

Seal after using. Avoid sun exposure. Use constantly after opening.   

Model No.: PGPB 08                                                                               Productivity: 40000 tons / Year Packaging: 500g * 40 bags/ Carton; 1000g*20bags/Carton          Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air Brand: PANGOO                                                                                       Place of Origin: Hebei of China Supply Ability: 6000 MTs / Year Certificate: ISO 9001:2008; Certificate of Food safety Management System Certification