AL10 Probiotics for Piglets

probiotics for piglet



Prevents piglets from epidemic diarrhea, transmissible gastroenteritis, dysentery.

Decreases wastage of feed by 19.2%.

Earlier Weaning! Anti-stress!

Decreases death rate!

Product Code 

Product name

Probiotics for Piglets
Key Benefits

Prevents intestinal and stomach disease

Prevents piglets from epidemic diarrhea, transmissible gastroenteritis, dysentery, and respiratory disease by producing lactic acid and antibiotic substance which can  replace the antibiotics

Prevents and cure immune disorder and immunosuppression  caused by PRRSV and PCV-2

Increases daily feed intake by 8-21% after used for 5-8 days

Decreases wastage of feed by 19.2% improves immunity

Weight Gain Earlier Weaning Death rate decreases.

Anti-stress Detoxification as toxin binder Adjusts intestinal micro ecology and the PH value.

Promote absorb nutrients like Vitamin B group fully.

Main Ingredient

Bacillus subtili, bacillus natto, plant lactobacillus, bacillus licheniformis, Antibacterial peptides, bifidobacteria, amylase, protease, many kinds of UFG, vitamin B, animo acid, intestinal regulator and nutrient.

Light yellow powder.
Viable count & Other analysis 

8×109 CFU/g – 10×109 CFU/g

Usage and Dosage

 500-1000gs/1 ton feed. Use double quantity when piglets are ill.


1000 g×20 bags / Carton

Kept in cool place under normal temperature. 2 years guaranteed in well sealed condition.

When use antibiotics, can stagger the time alone use double during the ill time.

Use up as soon as possible once it opened.