How To Choose Probiotic Products?

Post by Pangoogroup on August 29, 2017

5 ways to help you choose high quality probiotic products

How to  choose high-quality probiotic products?

1. Strains: strains are very important for the production of probiotic products.

Strains detecting is a long process.Technical requirements are relatively high.

The powerful manufacturers have their own laboratories and research and development staff, who can detect the strains are good or bad.

probiotic products Activity2.Activity: the product is very effective, while you start to use it at the beginning. But after a month the effect is not good.

Just because the viability of the product is not so high. Live bacteria has been damaged during the production process in small factories, therefore losing the ability to reproduce .

From our customers’ feedbacks, we get to know the activity of pangoo products is very good, and resistant to storage.

We have tested the Biobed which are kept for a year and found that the loss rate is only 10%. This loss rate is within error allowance, so there is almost no loss.

3.Adding proportion: live bacteria with high purity produced by the powerful factory.

The adding ratio is 0.1%-0.2%. At the same time, the single strain is difficult to play its role .

The compound product is made of a variety of beneficial living bacteria.

This kind of product is made by special mixing. Therefore, the strains between the compound can do mutual promotion,gaining a better effect.

probiotic products Technology

4.Technology: Three technologies are applied at present: they are solid fermentation, liquid fermentation, liquid - solid fermentation.

Through Liquid fermentation, a lot of live bacteria and spore can be produced,less infectious microbe. However,this technology cost a lot. It is usually applied in medicine.

Solid fermentation produces low number of live bacteria and spores with more infectious microbe . but the activity of bacteria is more stable and easier to store.

Liquid - Solid fermentation technology is adapt by pangoo.Through this technology , a large number of live bacteria with high stability can be produced, At the same time, cost can be controlled.

probiotic products package5. Package: most microbial agents are sensitive to the oxygen in the air.

The packing should choose well sealed and moisture-resistance materials, such as good aluminum foil or high quality seal non-toxic plastic calabash.

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