Improve the feed conversion rate.

Supplement the feed nutrition.

Enhance the immunity.

High stability and environmental.


Probiotics for Poultry & Livestock

Natural Alternative to Antibiotics


For Poultry & Livestock

Main Ingredient

Bacillus subtilis, plant lactobacillus and bacillus licheniformis, condensation bacillus, butyric acid bacteria, a variety of beneficial bacteria, high active enzyme necessary vitamins and growth of livestock and poultry, amino acids, trace Ingredient, etc.


Light yellow powder.

Viable count & Other analysis 


Proved effects

  • Improve the feed conversion rate. This product uses the helpful microbial to inhibit the harmful bacteria, effectively balance the intestinal flora of livestock and poultry, improve the intestinal micro-ecological environment, inhibit the growth and reproduction of the salmonella and pathogenic Escherichia coli, decrease the ammonia nitrogen smell of the excrement, and improve the feeding environment.
  • High acid-resisting, in the environment of PH value less than 3.5, its bacteria vatility is more than 97 percent.
  • The metabolite of this product can upset the proliferation of the intestinal mucosa cells, restore the intestinal mucosa, and only adhere to the intestinal mucosa but don’t injure the cells, improve the growing of microbial bacterial colony in animal intestinal tract, such as bifidobacterium and lactic acid bacillus, antagonism and inhibit the proliferation of the harmful bacterium in intestinal tract, correct the disorder of the intestinal flora, prevent and cure the intestinal disease such as diarrhea, bacillary enteritis etc., prevent the endogenous infection or double infection, specially have good effect for the diarrhea of the piglet and lamb, improve the constipation of the sows, and the cost performance is better than the traditional feed antibiotic.
  • Supplement the feed nutrition. The product can breed and metabolize in quantity in the animals’ intestinal tract and produce abundant protease and lipase, improve the digestibility of the fat and protein for the animals. It can be the carrier of the amino acid, transferring all the amino acid without decomposing them. Therefore, it improves the animal growth and effectively covers the nutrition shortage of the feed.
  • Enhance the immunity. The long-term use of this product can improve the non-specific immunity and the farrowing rate and egg yield of the livestock and poultry, improve the quality of the meat, egg and milk.
    Improve growth and the quality of meat. This product can improve the feed palatability, increase the feed intake, and accelerate daily gain, enhance the efficiency of feed utilization, reduce the feed-meat ratio, improve the quality of livestock and poultry meat, reduce cholesterol content.
  • High stability and environmental. The strains chosen for this product is with the advantage of high stability and stress resistance, heat-resisting, acid-resisting, bile-resisting. They still live after through the digestive tract, and have the characteristics of no pollution, no residue, environmental.

Usage and Dosage 

500-1000g / ton ……for piglet
400-800g / ton ……for growing swine
300-500g / ton ……for sow
300-500g / ton ……for laying hens
300-600g / ton…… for broiler
500-800g / ton ……for fox and mink
300-800g / ton ……for cattle and sheep


1000 g×20 bags / Carton


kept in cool place under normal temperature. 2 years guaranteed in well sealed condition.


Can not be used in conjunction with antibiotics or antimicrobials.
Seal after using. Avoid sun exposure. Use constantly after opening.

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