Super Immune

In Layer and Broilers:
1It prevents fatty liver syndrome,Liver engagement.perosis and nervous disorder.
2.Ensure proper metabolism of the body and effective utilization of nutrients 3.It increase eggs production and fertility.
4.Give best protection from excess heat and cool.
5.Maintain Best digestive health and reduce FCR.
6.It increases immunity by repairing tissues.
7.It provides strong immunity against new castle disease.


For Layer and Broilers:

  1. Indicated for the prevention of conditions such as fatty liver syndrome, liver engagement, perosis, and nervous disorders.
  2. Indicated to support optimal metabolism and nutrient utilization.
  3. Can help increase egg production and fertility.
  4. Can provide protection from extreme heat and cold conditions.
  5. May improve digestive health and reduce feed conversion ratio (FCR).
  6. Can bolster immunity through tissue repair and fortification.
  7. May provide robust immunity against diseases like Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease (IBD), influenza, and various viral respiratory diseases.

For Cattle:

  1. Indicated for the prevention of fatty liver syndrome and ketosis.
  2. Can help maintain a balance of hormones and energy during the lactation cycle.
  3. May enhance animal production, reproduction performance, and fertility.
  4. Can increase milk production and improve milk composition.
  5. Can increase milk fat yield, reduce milk protein loss, and improve solids-not-fat (SNF) and total solids content.
  6. May effectively reduce the incidence of clinical issues such as ketosis, mastitis, retained fetal membrane, and dystocia.
  7. Can increase meat production and improve meat quality.

Super Immune

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